CryptoHours is an innovative new peer to peer cryptocurrency based upon Ethereum and Tron blockchain technology, designed with the purpose of bringing cryptocurrency and blockchain to the $1 trillion dollar a year freelancer economy. 
WORK and EARN or HIRE workers directly using our crypto based freelancer network.

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Why CryptoHours?

DeFi Fee Staking (Earn Passive Income)

Owners of CryptoHours tokens can now earn passive income by participating in the DeFi CryptoHours Network Fee Staking Pool.

How does this work? As of 2020, approximately 50% of all marketplace fees collected by and other freelancer applications within our network, are donated to support dividend payments from the CryptoHours DeFi Staking Pool. These dividend payments are paid out directly to individuals who choose to stake CryptoHours tokens. This provides token holders with an unique opportunity to benefit from the success of the fastly growing CryptoHours freelancer network.

DeFi Staking

Fast, Reliable & Super Cheap - 60 Second Transactions

CryptoHours leverages the Scalability of The Tron Network to provide fast, reliable and super cheap transactions to token holders. Users of CryptoHours can; earn, send, spend and stake their tokens without having to worry about delays and expensive transaction fees. Since our recent network upgrade, the average CryptoHours transaction fee now costs less than a penny and average transaction time is only 60 seconds!

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Innovative Mining Method (Proof of User Activity)

CryptoHours has recently implemented an innovative new cryptocurrency mining method dubbed “Proof of User Activity”. Using this method anyone can successfully mine for CryptoHours Tokens using just their Home PC. No specialized and expensive mining equipment is required. To mine all one has to do is; download the CryptoHours mining software and begin watching videos and or searching the web.

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Utility Token Benefits

One of the many benefits of CryptoHours is that it serves as an utility token for the CryptoHours Freelancer Network. 

For instance, offers CryptoHours Token users a massive 80% site fee reduction for any onsite transactions made using CryptoHours tokens. Additionally offers very special benefits for users that hold a site balance of 20,000+ CryptoHours tokens. 


Deflationary Coin Supply

Unlike 99.9% of currencies in-existence today,  CryptoHours is built to have a strictly limited coin supply and is even expected to become deflationary within 12 months. Supply deflation is built-in to the CryptoHours network through a process known as “coin burning”. A variety of different applications on our network participate in frequent “coin burning” activities in order counteract supply inflation caused by users mining CryptoHours. We are against the concept of inflation and believe that CryptoHours token holders should be able to benefit from the value of their tokens appreciating in value overtime vs going down.


Decentralized Voting Dapp

The CryptoHours developers have created a decentralized coin voting dapp to enable token holders to achieve better consensus on issues such as coin governance and development. Any CryptoHours token holder is invited to take part in this process.


Mission of CryptoHours

CryptoHours primary mission is twofold;

(1) Enable anyone in the world with an internet connection regardless of age, gender and location to start making money online by completing micro jobs and freelancer work online. Enable these individuals to get paid directly via p2p cryptocurrency without the requirement of having an existing Bank Account. We want to empower the billions of “unbanked” and “underbanked” individuals around the world and enable them to start participating in the digital economy. 

(2) Encourage mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by providing the platforms to enable anyone to start earning cryptocurrency by completing online jobs.

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The first step to getting started using CryptoHours is to signup for a free lifetime account. From there you can download the recommended wallet application to begin; sending, receiving and trading CryptoHours Tokens. 

Secondly be sure to start using the freelancer applications hosted on our network such as, if you are looking for a way to start earning extra money. The best part about joining these freelancer websites , is that you get paid 100% in cryptocurrency without needing to use a traditional bank account or payment processing account such as PayPal or Payoneer. This means that anyone can join regardless of age, gender and location.

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Invest in CryptoHours

The CryptoHours network is growing rapidly. Each day we onboard new users to our fastly growing freelancer website network. Over the next few years our marketing goal is to onboard millions of new users.  Want to take part in the success of this project? Currently CryptoHours tokens are trading for less than 15 cents per coin, just imagine the exponential price appreciation that could potentially occur if our network does indeed grow by millions of new users. Better yet in the meantime you can stake your coins in our DeFi pool to earn passive recurring income.

CryptoHours is the future , the only question is; Will you be part of it?

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